Making a Cartoon Girl – Video Art Technique

This is the female version of the cartoon style boy, the trace basics are almost the same but a little more detailed in some parts. This tutorial shows how you can create a vector cartoon girl using Corel Draw — a popular low-cost vector editing program for Windows.

25 thoughts on “Making a Cartoon Girl – Video Art Technique

  1. @gillsoriano Well if you could make me some cartoon, i will send you a pic
    of me in the pm and you make a cartoon idea of it and i will sub you and
    like vids daily and make you an intro pm me plox

  2. @cellarboyhiding i think that was amzing fantastic i cant get myself on
    youtube never mined me doing that on the computter im or right with
    cartoons through lmao xxx super job enjoyed evry minute of it a bit long
    lol xx

  3. It’s really valuable for us specially graphic designer.Thanks for supports

  4. really nice! greetz from germany 😉 how do you work with the colours like
    this? Wich shortcuts do you use?

  5. Nice production. A little to fast for the novice to follow. Thank you for

  6. great work :) , I have a question, if you don’t mind. :) How do u put the
    object into the front. for example, the way you did the hair, you finished
    the girl with the hair, but it was behind her (ofc) thanks :–) Xoxo

  7. Great! you have great control on it. I enjoyed and learned many new things.

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