Painting Some Bunk Beds

It’s sunny outside and the weather is still warm. It’s the weekend, and what better activity to pursue on a day like this than to browse some garage sales looking for some hidden treasures. We perused the town looking for some pine bunk beds to furnish the kids room. We were hoping to find something simple but sturdy and safe (you don’t want to go cheap when it comes to buying bunk beds for the kids’ bedroom). We struck gold after searching on CraigsList and finding a neighborhood sale with a nice finished pine bunk bed.

We then spent the entire afternoon cleaning it up and stripping it down and then getting it ready for re-painting. The nice thing about pine is that it’s simple and versatile and painting is easy. We’re going to go with a colorful collage of paint to match the bright scheme of the room. Afterwards, we’ll put a few¬†cheap mattresses on top and it will be ready for sleeping! It will take a few days to complete, and I’ll take some photos and post them here when I’m finished with the project. The extra benefit is that this is something that everyone in the family can be a part of. There’s nothing like putting on some old clothes, breaking out the paint, and going to town.

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