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How can you stay motivated and inspired?

It wasn’t my day today!
Although it was my best friend wedding day yesterday and it was her day.
Going to the venue was hard, we got lost and it the car got broken and the program didn’t go on plan.
So it was really exhausting.
And today I have a new project, but I need to get motivated.
And now I’m back on track.

Here’s what you can do to get back on your feet and get motivated as an artist!

Think about your greatest dreams.

What’re your greatest dreams? Will there be an unique gallery you need to see work in? Are you wanting to make a specific sum of money in per year? Do what you do with your grounds for getting artists and keep these targets in brain, each and every day re visiting them. You Are maybe not going to be stimulated to perform if you do not always remind yourself of the benefits you could make yourself someplace down the street. That pleasant house or luxurious vacation is not heading to come to you – pondering about it all the time keeps you inspired to perform towards a real benefit and you’ve to get it come to you.

Be patient

Every artist has some degree of forbearance. Not only can a great work of artwork take ages to finish, but as an artist you want to have patience because issues do not typically occur suddenly. It requires time to reach any measure of achievement in all fields, however much work you are putting in. If you are impatient, you are simply going to feel disappointed when things give up and do not occur soon enough. But if you are patient, you will recognize you value the time you are investing because you understand it will spend off and that success can occur. By staying patient, you are being head strong and maintaining your eyes on the award.

Talk to other artists

Network with other artists, whether on-line or in real life, and develop up beneficial and powerful connections. Prepare yourself to discover from the others and be ready to pass on which you understand to others. Often talking to other like minded individuals with comparable interests is an excellent way of keeping stimulated. The reason being there is a feeling of pleasant contest and artists like to discover what the others are up to. You must have some thing to provide, whether it is a work in progress or an entire portfolio. Having somebody say ‘what job have you been working on?’ is an excellent manner of being stimulated. Put simply, their successes, and artists, inspire other artists to match if not better their achievement.

Eliminate Distractions

Turn off the TV. You don’t need to watch seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones again, right? Put down the iPad. I know Boom Beach is a lot of fun, but it can wait. Write down some basic goals for the day and carry the list with you. When you’re getting distracted or bogged down, refer to the list and it will help you re-prioritize and focus.


Art Galleries

Art galleries would be an ideal settings for exhibiting art, normally visual art including paintings, sculptures, and photography. Basically, art galleries feature various art styles including modern and traditional fine art, glass art, art prints, and animation artwork. Art galleries are dedicated to the advertising of emerging artists. These galleries give a platform to allow them to show their works together with the works of nationally and internationally well-known artists.

The US has a wealth of famous art galleries. Many villages in the U.S. feature an art gallery. Now, you can find on-line art galleries displaying original graphics.

Lady Lever Art Gallery

These galleries display, accumulate, and maintain the works of art for the coming generations. Many well-known art galleries make an effort to amuse and educate their regional, nationwide, and worldwide audiences. Some famous art galleries specialize in specific areas such as portraits. Many of famous art galleries are owned and managed by government.

Most renowned art galleries provide an opportunity for visitors to get excellent artwork. Art galleries form seminars and workshops guided by well-known artists. Consecrated to excellence in both art and service, most famed art galleries give you an abundant, unforgettable encounter.

much about nothing

Looking at the pieces while taking in the big picture


Jigsaw Puzzles are not for lazy people.

You need a lot of patience and focus in assembling it. But there is a technique and best practices in doing it. This will be an efficient guide and easy to follow instruction for you to complete your jigsaw puzzle without slamming it again! You may already be an expert or beginner but this may help.

Before you go on and fixing up the small pieces, you need to prepare your work area. Have a clear space, a large table would be great so it won’t hurt your back instead of working on the  floor. Make all individual pieces face up so you can see all of them. If you have the original image, put it up on your front so you have an idea which needs to be in the right place.

Now you can start sorting the pieces with an edge. It means that they are fitted on the corner of your puzzle. Then arranging pieces into color groups, example – if you have an outdoor picture of sky, it could be that blue are sky, green is grass, black is shadow/hair etc.

Now it’s time to assemble the Edge pieces on your workbench.

Place any grouped colour sections into the inner area of the puzzle where it seems obvious to be there guided by your finished picture.

As you progress with the compilation of the puzzle you will get to the stage whereby you can see the end of the project. Continue on until you complete the puzzle.

As what people are saying that life is like a jigsaw puzzle and each of the people you meet are part of the whole picture of you. They might be the edges or just a shadow, but each of them are needed to complete what you are.

Each piece has their own qualities where they are fitted perfectly for the big picture.

And we are like each of these pieces, we have our own characters, beauty, skills and strength. And there will be people that won’t fit for us, but there are people who will be perfectly fit.

much about nothing

The Art of Yoga

The human body is an art form in and of itself. No canvas or paintbrush needed. Of course, artists have known this for all of time, and whether captured in paint or in photographs, the human body is a sight to behold. Lately, I’ve been gaining an appreciation for yoga. Not just for the fitness benefits, but for the grace and beauty it provides in presentation of the human form. And no, I’m not talking about creepers stalking young women in yoga pants. Through intense training and practice, yoga allows us to position the body in ways that can be breathtaking and beautiful. Here are some incredible examples.








much about nothing

Salvador Dali – Crazy Like a Fox

Salvador Dali is one of my favorite painters and his compositions stand out as ingenious and highly imaginative. Of course, he also stood out as one of the more flamboyant and downright bizarre personalities of his day. Here are some of my favorite stories about this eccentric and supremely talented artist.

Dali and the Ocelot

Dali once took his pet ocelot (yes, he had a pet ocelot!) with him to a restaurant in Manhattan and tied it up to a leg of his table while he ordered coffee. A lady walked past and looked at the animal with a mixture of shock and horror. “What’s that?” she exclaimed. “It’s only a cat,” replied Dali. “I’ve painted it over with an op-art design.” The woman, who was embarrassed by her earlier reaction, took a closer look and let out a small sigh of relief. “I can see now that’s what it is,” she said. “At first I thought it was a real ocelot.”

Gift of the Dali

Dali went into a New York bookstore one day and asked for a copy of his Secret Life of Salvador Dali. The young clerk, instantly recognizing his distinguished customer, fetched the book and began to wrap it up.

“Have you read it?” asked the artist.

“No, I’m afraid not,” replied the young man, handing over the package.

“Take it,” said Dali magnanimously, pushing the book back across the counter. “It’ is my gift to you. Would you like me to autograph it for you?” The clerk eagerly tore open the package and handed the artist a pen.

Only after Dali had left the store did the young man, gazing at the treasured autograph, realize that the artist had omitted one important detail. He had neglected to pay for the book.

much about nothing

Art of Harry Potter

Like just about everyone else on the planet, I’ve read the Harry Potter books. And while I was as mesmerized as anyone else by the incredible writing of J.K. Rowling, I was originally attracted to the books by the clever and fun cover art. I’m familiar with the American editions, which were all produced by the artist, Mary GrandPré, who is from Florida, although she was born in South Dakota and spent most of her life in Minnesota.

Harry Potter Cover - Prisoner of Azkaban
The American cover for the third Harry Potter book.
Harry Potter Cover - Order of the Phoenix
The cover for the fifth Harry Potter book.

Mary’s covers are all produced in a similar style, but each one has its own unique look and feel. My favorite of them all is the cover for the Order of the Phoenix, painted all in cool and mysterious blues. There was also a deluxe version of the cover, which depicted 12 Grimmauld Place, with Hedwig flying in the front cover, and broomstick-riding wizards arriving.

I’m also a beta tester for Pottermore, which is the online version of the series and allows you to explore the world of Harry Potter, taking part in the same adventures that you find in the book. The artwork in the game is also lavish and beautiful and has the same hand-painted look that Mary’s covers provide, although in a more photo-realistic style. If you haven’t checked out Pottermore, it’s still in beta but taking a peek at one of the many Pottermore sites will show you how beautiful the artwork is.

much about nothing

Painting Some Bunk Beds

It’s sunny outside and the weather is still warm. It’s the weekend, and what better activity to pursue on a day like this than to browse some garage sales looking for some hidden treasures. We perused the town looking for some pine bunk beds to furnish the kids room. We were hoping to find something simple but sturdy and safe (you don’t want to go cheap when it comes to buying bunk beds for the kids’ bedroom). We struck gold after searching on CraigsList and finding a neighborhood sale with a nice finished pine bunk bed.

We then spent the entire afternoon cleaning it up and stripping it down and then getting it ready for re-painting. The nice thing about pine is that it’s simple and versatile and painting is easy. We’re going to go with a colorful collage of paint to match the bright scheme of the room. Afterwards, we’ll put a few cheap mattresses on top and it will be ready for sleeping! It will take a few days to complete, and I’ll take some photos and post them here when I’m finished with the project. The extra benefit is that this is something that everyone in the family can be a part of. There’s nothing like putting on some old clothes, breaking out the paint, and going to town.

much about nothing

Hot Summer and Lemonade

It’s been a scorching summer by all accounts out here in the arid valley. It’s already September but the 95 degree (and plus) days are still around. Didn’t get the insane 110 plus days like we do most years, but still the heat is oppressive and downright mean. Can’t really do much outdoors even if it looks beautiful out there with a deep blue sky and those gorgeous white puffy clouds. So we’re camped out inside here with the air conditioning going full blast.

We’re thinking about setting up a lemonade stand out by the road. Haven’t done that in ages but it sounds like a good idea. The kids and I cut some lavender from the plants out in the herb garden and put together some wonderfully refreshing lavender-infused lemonade. In about 20 minutes, the chocolate chip cookies will be coming out of the oven and we’ll have ourselves some very nice merchandise for the sale. With heat like this, we’re bound to see some heavy traffic to the stand. It will be a good lesson in economics for the kids and it gives us something to do while we try and beat the heat.

Meanwhile, the kids are having fun checking out their favorite Poptropica cheats site and reading up on strategy and tips for that game. They’ve already completed all of the islands in the game. Poptropica uses an island metaphor for its quests and missions. I could go for being on a tropical island right now! The kids are very excited because next weekend a new island called Mystery Train comes out. I took a peek and it looks very cute. The Poptropica folks do a nice job of mixing entertainment and education. This quest takes the kids back to the late 1800s on a train bound for the Chicago World’s Fair. A few well-known people from the time are on board, like Thomas Edison and Mark Twain. They haven’t been this excited about a game since Club Penguin.

Ding! There are the cookies. Time to pack it up and head outside to do some education of our own. And enjoy the nice cool shade!