Running as Art

A short gallery of Impasto paintings celebrating the art of running. Whether watching the human body mid-run, or taking in the beauty of the natural surroundings, running is an art form worthy of much appreciation.

Inspiration: Training for a Half Marathon

Trick Crocodile

Here is a very cool anamorphic illusion of a crocodile. The illusion is revealed at the end of the video, but it’s still fun to watch the whole thing to see the artist’s wonderful pencil and marker technique. In a world that is increasingly digital, it’s great to see some old school drawing in action.

Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Grateful Dead

Here are some cool facts about the Grateful Dead. Before meeting any future performing members of the group, Jerry Garcia first befriended Robert Hunter in 1960, who go on to become the group’s lyricist behind some of their biggest tunes like “Sugar Magnolia,” “Casey Jones,” and “Truckin’.” Their devotion to musical and psychedelic exploration even reaches their use of music theory with tunes like “The Eleven” — performed in rare 11/8 time signature. In 1969, they switched gears towards incorporating live albums into their discography as the best way of capturing their sound, starting with Live / Dead recorded at Bill Graham’s Fillmore West. As a genuinely tour-dependent group, eventually their road crew that was loyal was employed full time with benefits and insurance. Their 1973 show and The Allman Brothers drew over half a million individuals. Jerry Garcia had to relearn the best way to play guitar in 1986 while recovering from a coma. Jerry Garcia served on the board of directors for a nonprofit called The Rex Foundation that has been assembled to support grassroots/artistic enrichment in “the spirit of generosity and concern that evolved in the culture surrounding Grateful Dead concerts.” Al and Tipper Gore are noted Deadheads (down to wearing J. Garcia neckties while campaigning) and even attended 1992’s RFK Stadium show within weeks of Gore being named Clinton’s vice presidential nominee. Grateful Dead is for the kids! Jerry Garcia’s last recorded job was a kids’ record called Not Just for Kids, and Bob Weir co-wrote a children’s book with his sister called Panther Dream that prepares kids about the rainforest. Jerry Garcia adored comic books and scuba diving, besides truly being a musician and visual artist. Phil Lesh’s enduring love of the sweatband is a legacy unto itself. No other group in the whole world can sound strong all at exactly the same time, and so pretty, surprising, over time. Long Live the Dead!

Art of World War II Posters

My son was playing a new game called Boom Beach the other day. It’s loosely based on a World War II theme, which got me thinking (randomly, of course) about World War II era posters. There were some truly outstanding propaganda posters of the day. A lot of the ones produced by the U.S. Government to encourage the ongoing war effort back home are very memorable. Here are some of my favorites from the era.

ww28big ww36big ww24big ww23big ww5big ww3big ww2big

…and a video collection of some more:

How can you stay motivated and inspired?

It wasn’t my day today!
Although it was my best friend wedding day yesterday and it was her day.
Going to the venue was hard, we got lost and it the car got broken and the program didn’t go on plan.
So it was really exhausting.
And today I have a new project, but I need to get motivated.
And now I’m back on track.

Here’s what you can do to get back on your feet and get motivated as an artist!

Think about your greatest dreams.

What’re your greatest dreams? Will there be an unique gallery you need to see work in? Are you wanting to make a specific sum of money in per year? Do what you do with your grounds for getting artists and keep these targets in brain, each and every day re visiting them. You Are maybe not going to be stimulated to perform if you do not always remind yourself of the benefits you could make yourself someplace down the street. That pleasant house or luxurious vacation is not heading to come to you – pondering about it all the time keeps you inspired to perform towards a real benefit and you’ve to get it come to you.

Be patient

Every artist has some degree of forbearance. Not only can a great work of artwork take ages to finish, but as an artist you want to have patience because issues do not typically occur suddenly. It requires time to reach any measure of achievement in all fields, however much work you are putting in. If you are impatient, you are simply going to feel disappointed when things give up and do not occur soon enough. But if you are patient, you will recognize you value the time you are investing because you understand it will spend off and that success can occur. By staying patient, you are being head strong and maintaining your eyes on the award.

Talk to other artists

Network with other artists, whether on-line or in real life, and develop up beneficial and powerful connections. Prepare yourself to discover from the others and be ready to pass on which you understand to others. Often talking to other like minded individuals with comparable interests is an excellent way of keeping stimulated. The reason being there is a feeling of pleasant contest and artists like to discover what the others are up to. You must have some thing to provide, whether it is a work in progress or an entire portfolio. Having somebody say ‘what job have you been working on?’ is an excellent manner of being stimulated. Put simply, their successes, and artists, inspire other artists to match if not better their achievement.

Eliminate Distractions

Turn off the TV. You don’t need to watch seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones again, right? Put down the iPad. I know Boom Beach is a lot of fun, but it can wait. Write down some basic goals for the day and carry the list with you. When you’re getting distracted or bogged down, refer to the list and it will help you re-prioritize and focus.