50 thoughts on “Original Abstract Contemporary Modern Art Painting Technique by Igor Turovskiy

  1. ehh i call this nonsensical art from an rightfully exhausted thinking

  2. It’s like he is bringing the farthest depths of outer space right to earth!
    It is ….wow is there even a word for this????

  3. Yeah, that must be really challenging. Squirt a spray and then sear it.
    Poor Da Vinci and others that are not at all bothered.

  4. Original Abstract Contemporary Modern Art Painting Technique by Igor

  5. I really like the paint effects and I like the accompanying music, so did
    my cat, he’s gone all calm and stretched out on his bed whilst listening to
    it, haha.x

  6. If masterbating causes hairy knuckles, then this guy is only second to
    robin Williams. Or that acrobatic Latino werewolf. 

  7. That was really helpful video thanks for making amazing vids love ur
    channel❤️️ greets from kuwait:)

  8. Very useful for those same like me very propesional way… simple but rock.

  9. LOL whats with the “Foom” noise? anyway very helpful video, I never thought
    of doing this and i will be using this technique for now on :).

  10. wow, that really made me feel better about drawing, because I just never
    got how to do a perfect line, thank you and please do more of these

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