Nail Art/Marble Technique

Here is a Requested Nail Art applying The Marble Art Technique..Thanks for watching!. .:)

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14 thoughts on “Nail Art/Marble Technique

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    well and sub back? Thanks so much!

  2. what do you have, acrylics or gel nails?
    i love them! i went to beauty school many moons ago and used to be a nail
    tech. Haven t done it in 20 years tho. haha
    and the nail art is kick ass!
    loved this video! :D

  3. I always love your nails so perfectly painted in every way. Sending

  4. You already know I love it! . I’ve been wanting to go back to getting mine
    wrapped but ugh I don’t want to damage what I’ve repaired. They look
    amazing though! 

  5. Very cool and easy to do! Loved this, subbed! Would love it if you could
    check out my channel too!

  6. Your nails turned out looking so good! May is a really talented nail
    technician =)

  7. Nice bro 😀 Keep em coming! By the way, if you need music for your video’s
    come have a look at my channel. I upload music that is free to download and
    use, even commercially (no copyright). It’s free to use as long as you give
    credit to the artist in your video description. Hope this was helpfull :D?

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