36 thoughts on “Mixed Media Technique – Charcoal and India Ink

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  6. have you ever tried using pastel or charcoal with the water color and
    indian ink??

  7. Thank you for sharing this. This technique has the potential to give such a
    diverse range of results. I’m inspired to paint!!!

  8. You should try to reference or at least use gridwork to copy a drawing,
    tracing doesn’t really teach you or help you practice.

  9. Oh, quite easy… ;-) I took a tracing paper and copied the cat onto it.
    Then I flipped the tracing paper around and applied a thin layer of
    charcoal (blue/green/violet/…/ chalk also works) on it back and blended
    it with a piece of chamois leather (a paper towel also works). After that I
    carefully placed the trancing paper on the watercolorpaper (charcoal to
    paper) and retraced the lines on the tracingpaper with a biro. After that
    they are clearly visible on the watercolor sheet. :-)

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