Looking at the pieces while taking in the big picture


Jigsaw Puzzles are not for lazy people.

You need a lot of patience and focus in assembling it. But there is a technique and best practices in doing it. This will be an efficient guide and easy to follow instruction for you to complete your jigsaw puzzle without slamming it again! You may already be an expert or beginner but this may help.

Before you go on and fixing up the small pieces, you need to prepare your work area. Have a clear space, a large table would be great so it won’t hurt your back instead of working on the  floor. Make all individual pieces face up so you can see all of them. If you have the original image, put it up on your front so you have an idea which needs to be in the right place.

Now you can start sorting the pieces with an edge. It means that they are fitted on the corner of your puzzle. Then arranging pieces into color groups, example – if you have an outdoor picture of sky, it could be that blue are sky, green is grass, black is shadow/hair etc.

Now it’s time to assemble the Edge pieces on your workbench.

Place any grouped colour sections into the inner area of the puzzle where it seems obvious to be there guided by your finished picture.

As you progress with the compilation of the puzzle you will get to the stage whereby you can see the end of the project. Continue on until you complete the puzzle.

As what people are saying that life is like a jigsaw puzzle and each of the people you meet are part of the whole picture of you. They might be the edges or just a shadow, but each of them are needed to complete what you are.

Each piece has their own qualities where they are fitted perfectly for the big picture.

And we are like each of these pieces, we have our own characters, beauty, skills and strength. And there will be people that won’t fit for us, but there are people who will be perfectly fit.