25 Replies to “Freestyle Art : “Caught in a Hustle””

  1. Okay Okay ! I’ll give you all the answer.
    Immortal Technique has All these people ready to fight the new world order
    but their complete victims to the world order that’s already in place now,&
    they don’t even realize that.
    Tthe biggest threat to the NEW WORLD ORDER isn’t automatic machine guns,
    buck knives, & missile lunches.

    The Biggest threat to the N.W.O is a massive Astute self conscious
    proactive emotionally stable spiritually empowered group of people. &
    there’s very few of those types of individuals walking around.

    I have video’s on this on my youtube page.

    But look:
    I’m not here to tell you what to believe
    & I’m not here to do the thinking for you
    I’m here to help you ask questions
    & see the truth.

    To study & question your realty
    & find out whats… this all about.

  2. Caught In A Hustle freestyle by The Battle Artist #ink #gallery #graffiti
    #comics #draw #artist #art #painting #red #battle

  3. Cuz even though we survived through the struggle that made us We still look
    at ourselves through the eyes of the people that hate us

  4. immortal technique raps about things that anyone can relate to, and hes
    sooosososo sick. this drawing is sick, this artist has a lot of talent.

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