26 Replies to “Art Of Rap Featuring Immortal Technique and Ice-T”

  1. The Beastie Boys said “I’m gonna die harder than my man Bruce Willis” in
    Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun off the Pauls Boutique album in ’98. Ice
    T’s New Jack Hustler came out 2 years later….that concludes today’s Hip
    Hop lesson.

  2. LOL their is also one eminem did ” i die hard like bruce willis : exact
    quote but he was re raping ice-t’s shit son haha he murdered the end what
    he rapped was from his son , Lock and load with diabolic

  3. You’re right no one freestyle but it was still a good documentary IMO. My
    bad for my lack of technicality I meant “freestyle” I’m sure ppl can grasp
    what I was trying to say.

  4. I mean lyrically, That battle KingOfTheDot battle with Diz shouldn’t have
    took place then. Bis was recovering from the injuries to his head and
    broken arm he barely had time to memorize all the bars he wrote. That’s not
    really saying much comparing one battle to the mans whole career of content
    he’s put out. Anyone can have a bad day or battle even Tech. I’m a big fan
    of both I have all of Techs and Bis Albums so I know what I’m talking about
    when I said that Bis can contend Immortal Technique.

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