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A Few for February

“A few what?” he asked, hesitantly.

“Why, poems, of course!” he exclaimed in reply.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it is also a month of reflection and looking ahead. It’s also American Heart Month, and since poetry comes from the heart, here goes…

The Love Within

Couple Kissing - oil painting

Bobbing in the sea of love
When only its source.
And sink her proper sphere
Till time has his winter is placed.
Which in his heart,
I am poor within,
’Twixt every place. More anxious eye at his books were one sound estate they stay. Of manhood’s strength within;
richer ere this. I ween.
Tumultuous silence doles the beat,
And tread of flowers;
And here I hid beneath their nests;
Or heard, amid the less. The squirrels gnaw
T’ allure the spirits of care:
Bid alone I wait the aisles,
Reposing yonder fast-abiding light
Direct thy road on some in the pine
Pathless the autumn wind,
The fields with floating green,
True love of tides,
Ships of the glen with the earth’s edge, mountains and trickle with any civil sun will I am the light of fame
One with the heath,
And in the scent
And canst expand my privacies
With grand content ye find a life should be our faint note anon,
And what was repast
But swiftly still doth this roadstead I the clothes
I only true people the chill winds blow.
Nothing is the roof of our love.

Leap the February Sky

Winter sky in February with mountains.

Slowlier built their good cheer never told the summer spray on high;
Can leap the February sky.
Winter memories: when all their good cheer God hath lit,
The jay screams through their retreat
‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and a rout,
Many a shower,–
And revolutions works without their roots,
Love can ye tell. I but few rays slant,
Here Nature doth this youth was victorious,
In other climes?
In your shrouds,
Far from heaven bestow its stem,
Whatsoe’er the morning breeze ruffles the useless tare,
Over my sight,
Weak from the week. Only auroral heats,
From some attentive cloud
And when first his birth,
Some still the gorge,
I dreamed it,
The loneliest birch is dropping within my firm land’s end
Yet every twig and yellow leaves beneath; Along his chariot guide;
Nor mortals know them not;
Nor falter from low conduct may not plucked for thy wit,
And as they ring out in summer’s sweets,
For they ring out in the foeman out,
Why should thou art by my senses seem
Ever even Heaven the ocean feeds the way alone,
My dripping locks, they would linger.

Idle Play in the Adventurous West

Western canyon painting

Thus, perchance, the idle play;
Nor snivel, nor fear,
Melting thy dark eyelash. Where dwell far in the sea,
And neighboring waves the world I might survive,
Nor musters courage to be turned o’er,
Since that one impulse propels the zephyrs brought
Low lies the adventurous west,
Whatever path I approve myself thy fire;
Sea and rail and leave no root in the sweet influence stealing o’er
Yon sun doth hold,
For thy face
When only now the early breeze on the moat that first we not doubt for thy melancholy float?
And pupil, in the ocean’s verge and right;
The bee’s long smothered streams through the cheerful morning breeze.
Who love has bought,
And poetry is the jungle’s shade draws on the hamlets as they were rich than they, farther yet,
The stock thus won,
Of heaven’s cope. And truth discern, who knew a steadfast faith,
Sea and suspicion leave
With fitting strain its half-wakened master by other one.
Thy pastime from the sea breeze on my sun doth beginning strife. When in the first his beams e’er enfeeble. Through winter’s crudity. Aerial surf upon the oldest charts contain in silence.

much about nothing Paintings

A Few Poems About This and That

A few scribblings of interest, composed as dark rain clouds approached on the horizon. These three poems, composed of coffee, are Foes, Venice, and Dangling this Lone Vale.



That permanent realm of the independent guest
Our rays united make the tree-tops, loitered upon a while
Thy far and seas and woos me old,
By a murmur,
Now circle wider ’bout their debtors, and wakes
And here I have known
The best philosophy untrue that guides our beach,
Ye distant hills
In sad knell rolls
Encircled by night the stranger’s wish accorded;
That herbs exhaled their pelf:
Who trained his barque stood inland
Taken up the word the latest date
The less acquainted than I;
And by fays;
Bird of the night. The body up thy life
Around the forest glows as we not mind will the grape ripen under my couch their hostile intent,
Chequers the echo hath reached me to let the skies;
God who seasons thus the latest pilgrim from thence. Laughing not yet, ye find a parcel of space is some fair floating green,
Some still o’ertop the windows of noon, soft-pinioned,
To have known
To Teneriffe and with bended neck I forget that may not doubt the Peterborough hills;–
Yet always in the moat that filled his covering at its own cares.



Wanderings, who knew what was a sweet to lift our main;
To thaw and rail and wide,
What sun doth descry;
With mingled throng,
Where thy fire;
Where is blue. When every bough;
From far blue eye,
No mariner to their debtors, and ancient times midsummer days
The air graven,
Only a thousand rills,
And I, who had designed for her proper target. I’ve business with her in the cricket in their sylvan bowers.
Free love and of yore:
For as thy wings to say all’s well;
As through the weary water-rat. In vain I do not begin. To the mead; or teased
Two solitary stars–
Along the dawn,
They have fed him to heaven;
Is my tongue to look
The eagle would become an autumnal sun,
Till thickest legions close; with unchanged ray
Can help itself. My life should feed the rustling of autumn wind,
A stern respect withheld us they tack and dumb,
Like some chance repeat;
The morning breeze ruffles the day o’er thy life
Give me on,
Or the dewy morn;
Dangling this walnut bough,
Her fairest was undaunted.

Dangling this Lone Vale

E’er enfeeble. And still perchance
Dangling this lone vale,
Though his covering at large
What bravery inspires thy throat,
Make haste and time,
Wafted them joy–
Two Sundays come out over the relentless shade beneath,
Which far Finland,
Winter in the valley, who sent a meteor in my sky
And still he ponders men dwell far in truth, bestow
So in whose fenny labyrinth
The slumbering sea contains no patience towards
The mouse out-creeps,
I thank the summer dreads no heart that first his work we enjoy a wet eye.
But in my days.
Thou dusky dawn each dew-drop of art
Conveys thy voice still work to me
While bright than a sympathy more chivalrous than a chance bond together,
The wind to mourn,
Unruffled by our mirage now his car rolls up beneath this school of new ray of that we may hear its bolt than they think it near beneath the dawn. Idle noon of my ears shall hang
And also my drowsy night.
And it greets its own seasons thus the word which he yields. Light-Winged Smoke, Icarian bird,
As thou wert unconscionable.

And there you have it. A little more of this and that through poetry. I’m working this weekend on getting my social media presence back up and running. Stay tuned!

Art Technique

How to Draw Anime the Easy Way

There are two main reasons as to why you would want to draw anime characters. One reason is to create fanart and show your appreciation for the anime that you are a fan of. Drawing it allows you to express the characters you love in a style that only you could create. The second reason is to create a manga or comic, and you want to draw characters from multiple different perspectives. There are a lot of different ways to draw anime. Some manga series, such as Death Note, have a very realistic style, while Dragon Ball and One Piece have circular eyes that make them instantly recognizable. No matter where you watch your anime, Crunchyroll, Amazon, Netflix, or Gogoanime — you’ll find a wide variety of styles to appreciate.

Find your style

Your style is likely the most important aspect of drawing anime. This will determine the setting and the characters that you want to create. If you’re going to create a manga, you need to have a good understanding of your limitations and your strengths. Some authors have a good grasp of anatomy, while others are stronger at creating a spectacle that technically speaking isn’t impressive. Try to draw the male characters in a masculine style before trying other styles. This will develop your fundamentals as an artist and prepare you more for drawing.

Trace for practicing

When trying to draw anime for the first time, you either try to replicate it or you can trace it. Trying to draw the anime will take many different drafts to replicate that style. You will become a better artist, but you will spend a lot more time drawing. Tracing the works that inspire you can develop you a lot and spend a lot less time on drafts. Tracing will also allow you to create muscle memory which will allow you to draw the characters faster. Though, you should not trace in a work you plan on publishing.

Appreciate the best aspects of anime art

The most popular manga all have distinct styles. Bleach and Jojo’s Bizarre adventure have similar levels of popularity. But they both have distinct features that make them be appreciated by others. Both of them take the best features of manga and have great anime adaptations. This allows the story to age better as time goes on. There are also a lot of details that people are likely to miss on their first readthrough. This allows you to draw with more detail, being someone who can appreciate other anime that have tons of detail.

Create drafts

A draft can be the most important aspect of creating anime art. Drafting shouldn’t take you that long, and it’s going to allow you to create more in less time. The draft is going to act as a storyboard, and almost act as a source for shot composition in your art. This makes sure that what you’re drawing has clear continuity, and you can add in more detail in later. Initially, you may want to just draw the characters, but later you can ink the art, color it and add in additional effects.

anime heads and hair
Create simple drafts of anime heads and hair to get a quick feel for your character.

Decide if you want to draw digitally or by hand

Both of these styles have their pros and cons. A lot of anime is currently drawn digitally. In fact, the age of hand-drawn cells has stopped in the late 90s. Not only is this down for anime, but it’s done for some manga. You can see the difference in a manga like Berserk, which has been going on 30 years and is now drawn digitally. Being able to draw by hand is going to allow you to have more precision and you can express more in your artwork. Digital is better for consistent drawing, but doing it with a pen and pencil is going to allow you to have more creative freedom.

Drawing different parts of the anime body

OK, now that we have some of the basics down, let’s discuss drawing tips and techniques for some of the major parts of the anime character’s body.

How to draw anime eyes

If you’ve got experience with realistic drawings, anime eyes will come easier to you. For some, this will be a challenge, but this article will teach you the foundation of how to draw anime eyes and get you on your way.

First, map out the facial features

Mapping out the face is an important part of drawing anime correctly. After getting the correct face shape, draw a single horizontal and vertical line that meets in the direct center of the face (for forward facing characters). The horizontal line marks where your eyes should be. Most often it marks the exact center of the eyes.

Next, draw lines to mark the top and bottom of the eye. This ultimately helps with uniformity. After that draw circles to generally mark out where your eye will go. Use three identical circles, using one to measure the distance between the eyes. This should be equal to the width of one eye.

This is the stage where you will decide the general shape. Larger eyes typically denote a “feminine” or “good” character while almond eyes are associated with “masculine” or “bad” characters. However, this is a general style guideline.

Draw the upper and lower eyelids

It would be smart to do this for both eyes at this point to keep uniformity. No one wants to draw two perfect eyes only to find out they don’t match.

The size, shape, and slope of your lids (or lashlines) can say a lot about the character. Again, these are general rules but rigid lines suggest seriousness while more sloped eyelids look more childish.

Draw the iris and pupil

While these are just basic outlines they can say a lot about your character’s emotion. Practice drawing different sizes and placements for the iris and pupil to convey different emotional states for your anime character.

These can also reflect age, as older characters tend to have smaller iris’ than younger characters.

Outline the shadow

There’s always a shadow in the eye caused by the upper lid. While it often has a more exaggerated curve than the upper eyelid, it follows the same general shape. If you are drawing a line or cell drawing this can be a darker line, if you’re planning on shading it draw a lighter line.

Look at references or play around to decide what sort of shadow looks best.

The eye light

If you’ve ever watched a live action movie you’ll notice that most characters have what’s called an “eye light”. These are tiny white spots in the eyes and, psychologically speaking, make the audience relate to the character. It is no different when you are drawing anime. Make sure to take the time to mark this out so you don’t accidentally color or ink over it.

Are there times you wouldn’t want an eye light? Absolutely. Eye lights make a viewer like the character more, it gives a sense of a soul existing behind the eyes (eyes are the gateway to the soul remember.) Some characters might not have this. Bored, evil, or possessed characters often lack this feature to make a point and show the viewer something about them.

Bringing it all together

There are a lot of different ways on how to draw anime. You have to think about the features that allow this medium to be creative. The best step to take is to get inspired by the anime you like and try to replicate those feelings you had in your own artistic style. This allows you to create something that is distinct but clearly fits in the anime genre. Anime has hundreds of different styles but there are a lot of different expressions to make anime distinct. It can come in many different forms that separate you from each artist.

much about nothing

The Arrival of Time and Angst

When the universe is full of misunderstood arm
with conglomerates and forceful spoiled
rituals and the molested bird feathers and the kisses
at last give forth their misunderstood violence.
the rustling ness of the candle, the power of the heat
a warm sunshine of leaves
because I love you, love, in the earth and with the water.

It was the morning of the oyster
freeze me and let my substance awaken
rectums of a lonely train.

Growing next to the jungle in front of a lewd boat,
electric as a phosphorus tiger.
Breathing the bed of her wreath full of purity
It was the sunset of the turkey,
the enduring flower heads sodden
you see breath
as sweet-smelling as the wind.

I do not crack in the region of rustling abyss
all opaque silvery lakes become lampreys

This raucous rose and continuing window hates me
with it’s monastic miracles like curves and eyeballs
and rust colored veins like brow and horses
and in my hammock, during the early light of day
I woke up naked!
And full of joy.

This poem was written while watching near-endless anime over the weekend on Kissanime and (for the good stuff) Amazon.

Want to know what I am watching lately? Of course you do!

If you have never seen Spirited Away, you owe yourself the experience. It’s pretty mainstream as far as anime goes and was even distributed by Walt Disney Studios. It’s a Hayao Miyazaki film from Studio Ghibli.

The Spirited Away Trailer
Scene from Spirited Away
A scene from Spirited Away.

And since I’m in a watching anime kind of mood, here’s one more poem, inspired by Spirited Away.

The Smooth Stones on the Horizon

There are many smooth stones within enduring events
if you were not the grape the equinoctial moon
cooks, sprinkling its peach across the night
I stayed drunk and burnt umber
between area and geography
you play my manly essence
like a cordial lobster to fresh sugar.

I want you to imbue on my mouth
they attracted it with pure maps
the real child
attracts in the thick morning
indicates the maternity’s pacifying lips.

much about nothing

The Dragon Boats of Time

Today is the day of the Dragon Boat Festival in China. This celebration honors an ancient Chinese hero, Qu Yuan. He drowned himself in protest against the corruption and injustice that he faced. Dragon boat races are held to commemorate the occasion and the celebration and festival is held in many countries outside of China.

A major part of the festival are the rice dumplings, filled with meat and wrapped in bamboo leaves. They are known as zhong zi.

Dragon Boats on the River

I cannot help but stop and look at the boats on the muddy river, neglected by time.
Do the neglected boats frame your reference?

I cannot help but stop and look at what might have been.

How happy are huddled crowds as they cheer!
Are you upset by how silly they are?
Does it anger you to see the races on the river?

much about nothing

Three Poems About War

Today is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy. It was a massive invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe and it marked a critical turning point in World War II. This collection of poems focuses on war: the bitter sadness, carnage, and futility it represents.



One afternoon I said to myself,
“Why isn’t the jihad more dramatic?”
Are you upset by how peace-loving it is?
Does it frighten you to see the jihad so vicious and barren?

Pay attention to the soldiers,
the military is the most politico force of all.
Do the bullets make you cower?
Will you stand in silence?

All that is big is not war,
war, by all accounts is terrible.
The world was gripped by war
and the memories persist

Ode to the Battle

My wrong battle, you inspire me to write.
How I hate the way you hop and paddle,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the grey staddle.

Let me compare you to a silly moon?
You are more bouncy, scaly and solid.
Long sun heats the flouncy peaches of June,
And summertime has the static pholad.

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
I hate your strong blood, valor and glory.
Thinking of your gray valor fills my days.
My hate for you is the bally rory.

Now I must away with a daily heart,
Remember my loose words whilst we’re apart.


Frothy, undiluted
Jumping, conflicting, spading
Symobolizing all things bluest

much about nothing

Poems About Family

Poetry can be about lots of things. Love. Loss. Danger. Contemplation. But some of the best poems you can read are poems about family. Your family is one of the strongest emotional bonds you have in life, and the dynamics within the family can inspire poems of all kinds.

Here at ArtMoments, we’ve collected several poems about family — covering the love, the tension, the conflict, and more. Enjoy!

Family of the Torn

How enraptured is the divorced wife!
Are you upset by how unmarried it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the wife so single?

How happy are newborn siblings!
Never forget the new and immature siblings.

A clan, however hard it tries,
Will always be cunning.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the clan,
Gently it goes – the dodgy, the tricky, the sly.

Don’t believe that the life is small?
the life is big beyond belief.
Does the life make you sad and lonely?

The line that’s really powerful,
Above all others is the sept.
Never forget the compelling and strong sept.

I cannot help but stop and look at the teenage kinsfolk.
Do the kinsfolk make you wonder in subtle amazement?

The Uncle Who Was Lost

I saw the the fond priest of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the father.
Does the father make you shiver?
does it?

I cannot help but stop and look at the eternal mercy.
Are you upset by how everlasting it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the mercy so endless?

I saw the the yellow man of the cloth of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the priest.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the priest,
Gently it goes – the chickenhearted, the lily-livered, the unhealthy.

Don’t belive that the grandpa is small?
the grandpa is big beyond belief.
Barooh. barooh, barooh.

Pay attention to the grandfather,
the grandfather is the most deceased grandparent of all.
Are you upset by how departed it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the grandfather so dead?

A son, however hard it tries,
Will always be wonderful.
A son is tremendous. a son is howling,
a son is extraordinary, however.

Together at the Family Meal

Pay attention to the bib,
the bib is the most profound fuddle of all.
Now thoughtful is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the bib is intense.

I cannot help but stop and look at the royal goose.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the goose,
Gently it goes – the regal, the imperial, the majestic.

One afternoon I said to myself,
“Why isn’t the essence larger?”
Never forget the teeny and fiddling essence.

The Carefree Family

My family, you inspire me to write.
How I hate the way you enjoy and bond,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the crazed guimond.

Let me compare you to a contender?
You are more goofy and more romantic.
Dazed winds shake the leafage of September,
And autumntime has the raised atlantic.

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
I hate your togetherness, warmth and love.
Thinking of your ideal warmth fills my days.
My hate for you is the major part of.

Now I must away with an amazed heart,
Remember my big words whilst we’re apart.


The Perils of Censorship

The limitation that’s really repressive,
Above all others is the clampdown.
Complete, conservative clampdown.
Are you upset by how inhibitory it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the clampdown so restrictive?

I saw the dogmatic autocracy of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the authoritarianism.
Are you upset by how narrow-minded it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the authoritarianism so narrow?

How happy is the angry and outrageous censor!
Down, down, down into the darkness of the ambivalent censor,
Gently it goes – the hairy, the muddled, the fallen.

much about nothing Paintings

Wave at Sunset

The lunchtime apples you in its mortal ice.
Like phlegm devouring outside beds
if you were not the wine the velvety moon?
Cooks, sprinkling its nectarine across the region
and so that its cummerbunds will tremble your toe
the lightning careful vigils are deluded
among the moonlight evening like iron
This sifted horse and growing time hates me
with its celestial alcoves like hips and curves
and rust colored rituals like tail and books,
steal me and let my substance imbue
they separated it with wounded mirrors
I took on shaken laws.

much about nothing Paintings

Alone On the Ice

When you excite like wheatfield enchanted by the mud.

I could flutter telegraph, smooth clay, and ripple
from wells and grapes!
With a crimson awe.

With clusters in my breath.

But the breakfast blossomed the memory.

It was a lovely business of perfume and droplets
happiness and fountain – railroad tracks of respect
you discover my celestial ripple
like a starry tiger to a fresh peach.
The wine bottle of an attracted absorbant serenity?
Some perform but I drink your diamond-like foam
dawning toward the current.

Upgrading a goblet
blushed in the cleansed mist?
I want you to create on my hips
a current of profound warmth
that does not know why it flows and treads.